Jet Flight Simulator Sydney

F-18 Fighter Jet Simulator


Jump into the cockpit of Sydney’s only Combat Fighter F-18 Simulator and get a taste of what it’s like to be a fighter pilot. The F-18 is a carrier-based multi-role attack fighter jet featuring air-to-air combat and air-to-ground combat. Take to the skies and the task of taking on the challenges of enemy fighters, target drones and taking on the skyline at low level and high speeds.


The Combat Fighter F-18 Simulator is one of the most sophisticated aircraft in Australia and you’ll be amazed at the realism of our F-18 Simulator cockpit. The live instrumentation, working Heads-up Display and colossal view of the world outside on the 180 degrees wrap around screen all combine to convince you’re flying a Hornet for real.

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Combat Fighter F-18 Simulator Cockpit
Combat Fighter F-18 Simulator

F-18 Attack Aircraft


The F-18 is an attack aircraft as well as a fighter so get ready for some aerial combat, destroying enemy aircraft or ground-based targets. If you really want to get the heart rate pumping you could take up the challenge of surface-to-air missile, air-to-air refuelling or launch and recovery on an aircraft carrier, well maybe?


The attention to detail of our F-18 is stunningly realistic with a comprehensive representation of the actual F-18 cockpit functionality and fully operational weapons. The cockpit boasts effective and precise radar, along with early warning navigation systems which are methodically recreated in extreme detail and uncompromising reliability. The dynamic levels of realism will have you believing you are the ‘Top Gun’

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Flying Skills Improve With Each Mission


Your flying skills will improve with each mission and your determination and drive will have you coming back again and again until you have successfully jammed the throttle to full power, hit the deck and successfully catch the wire on an aircraft carrier trap landing and then you’ll be known in the world of aviation as a ‘tail hooker’

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Combat Fighter F-18 Simulator
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