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Airline Interview Preparation


It is usual practice with Airline Interviews that you participate in a simulator session. Having done 100+ Sim Preps for aspiring pilots Grant will help develop your skills in the various aircraft systems and ensure you have the necessary knowledge for a successful interview.


Aircraft Handling, CRM Skills …


Some of the procedures will include Aircraft Handling, CRM Skills and Instrument Scanning. Grant will be looking at how well you take instruction and ensure you are prepared for your simulator session with the Airline. For those striving to fly the big Jet Airliners Grant will demonstrate the effects of how “Power Plus Attitude gives Performance”.


The majority of pilots Grant has assisted in the past have experience in general aviation aircraft so having the skills and understanding of how to control the Inertia and General Handling procedures of the Jet Airliner will improve the prospect of fulfilling your dream.

Experienced Flight Instructor
weather conditions ranging from clear sunny skies to thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow

Airline Interview Profiles


We have current Airline Interview Profiles which include Climbing, Straight and Level and Steep Turns. We we also cover the procedures of a VOR Non Precision Approach with go-round, Intercepts for a raw data ILS approach or Grant can tailor a Sim Prep to suit your needs for example changing the Instrument Display and system failures, Weather and Location.


Airliner Simulator Interview Preparation is $300.00 for 90 minutes

CAN I EXTEND MY VOUCHER? Vouchers are to be booked and your experience completed before the expiry date. Each voucher comes with its' own terms and conditions and once a voucher has expired it is deemed null and void and we are unable to redeem it. No extensions will be given on Expired Vouchers & if your voucher has been purchased from a 3rd party daily deal site please contact them direct. All bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice and all NO shows will be automatically charged a $50.00 fee.



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